Tullio Facchinetti

Towards a new meaning of modern basketball players positions

2021-04-12 Mon by Federico Bianchi
Categories: article thesis lang_en article_en

Basketball is one of the sports in which statistical analysis is most applied, thanks to the huge amount of data that can be derived from any single game and the fact that statistical analysis is becoming more and more important for many professional teams. Read more →

Programming competitions

2021-04-10 Sat by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en

One of the teams that participated to the 2018 edition of the IEEExtreme Programming competition. Participation to the IEEExtreme Programming competition In the past years, I supervised the participation of several teams to the programming competition organized by the IEEE association, i. Read more →

Curated awesome list of CLI apps

2021-02-01 Mon by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en

I have recently updated my curated awesome list of CLI (Command-Line Interface) apps on GitHub. Check it out and leave a star if you like it! Read more →

Inklayers: a program to generate PDF animations from SVG images

2021-01-12 Tue by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en latex software

Inklayers was born to make the editing of “animated” PDF presentations with LaTeX Beamer easier. The PDF format do not actually allow animations, but a similar effect can be obtained with a sequence of slides. Read more →

Sajid Iqbal in Pavia 2019

2021-01-03 Sun by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en robotics article_en

On July 2019, Prof. Sajid Iqbal visited the University of Pavia, being guest at the robotics Laboratory and carrying out a research collaboration with Prof. Tullio Facchinetti. His visit was financially supported by the CICOPS program. Read more →


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