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A list of some research and industrial projects I worked on.

2021 | EIFE - Equalizzatore Intelligente dei Fabbisogni Energetici

The goal of the EIFE project is to develop solutions for improving the energy efficiency in residential buildings.

2017 | SLEA - Smart Living Energy Assistant

The goal of the SLEA project is to develop solutions for improving the living comfort, also addressing the energy efficiency issue.

2016 | Smart EnergyBox

The Smart EnergyBox project is carried out with the goal of designing and implementing an innovative system for the distributed generation of electric power, storage and programmed usage in the smart grid.


The objective of the LUMENTILE project is to turn the classical ceramic tile into a "multifunctional electronic luminous tile" realized by large area and organic electronics.

2013 | Air To Water

The goal of the project is to design a system to produce water from the air.


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