Tullio Facchinetti

Air To Water

by Tullio Facchinetti

Categories: project lang_en

Period: 2013-2015

The goal of the project is to design a system to produce water from the air. The system is designed to fit into a standard container for easy of expedition.

The whole project is coordinated by Prof. Francesco Benzi, and involves several experts from the Engienering Faculty of the University of Pavia, including expertises in the field of weather forecasting, electric engineering, energy management, embedded systems and sensors.

The role of the research unit at the Robotics Laboratory is to develop the logic to control the various components composing the system, including an industrial refrigerator, the air management system, as well as the internal management of energy based on backup batteries.

The design includes the identification of all the sensors and the components to monitor the internal behavior of the system.

Here a press article (in Italian language) with some information regarding the developed system.


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