Tullio Facchinetti

Terminal-friendly tmux cheatsheet

2022-01-07 Fri by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en

I typically use tmux when working on remote servers, but sometimes I don’t remember keybindings or commands for some functions that I rarely use. Since I find the tmux help/manpage rather confused, I usually revert to this cheatsheet, which is very well organized. Read more →

Reply-to-all: this is the way

2021-12-27 Mon by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en

This article originates from the need to explain the importance of using the “reply to all” when replying to emails, which seems to be one of the most hidden secrets of a good and effective group email communication. Read more →

xterm-kitty: unknown terminal type

2021-09-30 Thu by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en software tips

[CREDIT: This is mostly a re-post from an article of Lars O. Overskeid to keep the information handy] Like in the original post, I’m also using kitty as my terminal emulator. Read more →

Using rsync to update a remote Hugo website

2021-09-27 Mon by Tullio Facchinetti
Categories: article lang_en article_en

After having moved to Hugo for my personal website, I found that the usual way of using rsync to update the copy of the website on the remote server does not work efficiently. Read more →

Sviluppo applicazione APPiLL con framework Ionic

2021-08-30 Mon by Biagio Calicchio
Categories: article thesis lang_it article_it

APPill è un dispositivo sviluppato da AGEvoluzione s.r.l. che ha lo scopo di facilitare l’assunzione di farmaci, in quanto permette di caricare le pillole da assumere, tipicamente una volta al mese, e di erogarle nel giorno e nella quantità preimpostata. Read more →


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