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Shortcuts for Bash

by Tullio Facchinetti

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Typically, we use arrow keys to control shell behaviors like moving the cursor from one point to another point. Also, it’s quite common to make mistakes while writing commands and to correct these you may use arrow keys + backspace, which is not optimal at all.

In the bash terminal, you can use several keystrokes to control the shell features that you are going to see.

Shortcuts to move cursor

The first thing you should know is how to move the cursor using the list of keystrokes that you can use to move around the shells.

Shortcuts to manipulate text

Does it make your work easier? Of course, yes. Now you will see more keystrokes that can manipulate text.

Common shortcuts

Some of the common keystrokes that you can use while working on the terminal are listed below.

The following are not strictly shortcuts, but commands that require an ENTER to be executed:


This list comes from this post. I replicated it here since I often have problems accessing the original post.


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