Tullio Facchinetti

Robotics 2020/2021

by Tullio Facchinetti

The webpage with information of the course 2019-20 is still available here.



The seminar of Prof. Howard Li will take place in the following dates:

The lessons will be held online, in the same Zoom room used for regular lessons.

General information

The course on Robotics will be held by Prof. Tullio Facchinetti.

I recommend to carefully read the information reported in this page.

The course will be held in mixed form, both online and in the classroom, according to the rules and guidelines circulated by the Faculty.

In particular, some “private” information, such as the link to the Zoom virtual room and to the Google Drive repository of recorded lessons, are available in the page of the course on the Kiro platform (login required). ATTENTION: the name of the course is “Robotics 2020-21 Prof. Tullio Facchinetti”; do not confuse it with the past course entitled Robotics 2019-20.

Since the lessons will be recorded live in the classroom, each recorded lesson will be available a couple of days after the lesson in the classroom.

Weekly schedule

To request for a meeting, and for any other issue, please send me an email.

Since I held/hold many different courses, I kindly ask to specify in the email the following information: name, course name, identification number, and - possibly - the year when the course was attended.

The course includes 6 lessons held by Prof. Howard Li. The lessons will be held in online form only due to the impossibility for Prof. Li to travel to Italy. The schedule of the lessons will be announced.

Organization of the exam

The exam consists of a written test regarding the topics covered during the course. The duration of the test is 2 hours. The slides linked in this page contain all the material that is necessary for preparing the exam.

Further information regarding the exam:

  1. The topics of the seminars from Prof. Howard Li will be subject of open questions or exercises at the exam.
  2. The slides on sensors that are available online cover some topics that will not be explained during the lessons. These topics WILL NOT BE subject of questions or exercises at the exam.


The didactic material is based on the slides shown during lessons. Additional material may be made available during the course.

ATTENTION: since slight changes to the slides are possible, it is recommended to periodically check this site for updates. The date indicated for each presentation represents the latest update of the corresponding file.


Robot navigation

Finite State Machines

Real-time systems


Additional references

Suggested books

The following text books are helpful to expand the topics covered in the course.


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