F-IND is a software tool which allows the user to easily develop quality indices using the power of Fuzzy Logic to define the index properties.

F-IND has been developed to make it easy the generation of indices in the ecological application domain, such as water quality indexes. However, F-IND implements a general approach based on Fuzzy Logic. Therefore it can be used in any application domain where the definition of a quality index is required.

The use of a methodology based on Fuzzy Logic presents several advantages:


The F-IND framework has been successfulyl applied to implement a fuzzy 'boater' model to detect fouling and spreading risk of non-indigenous species by recreational boats. Configuration files containing the description of fuzzy variables and membership functions can be downloaded here.

Additional information

F-IND has been developed with the joint efforts of people working at the Robotics Laboratory of the Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Science and the Ecology Section of the Department of Land Ecology at the University of Pavia (Italy)